5 Relevant Reads for the New Year

As we say goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022, most people begin thinking of ways that they might grow and change during the next calendar year. Here are a few books that will empower you as an educator.

Differentiating instruction for all students can be cumbersome and overwhelming, especially when balancing social-distancing, masking, and everything else on our plates related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In her book How to Differentiate Instruction in Academically Diverse Classrooms, Dr. Tomlinson empowers educators to honor the differences of students, understand the importance of differentiation, and effectively plan and facilitate meaningful lessons.

As most learning communities continues on the journey of implementing a 1:1 blending learning framework, adapting to this new approach to teaching and learning is vital in order for teachers and students to thrive. In her book Hacking Flex Teaching, award-winning teacher and tech coach Hollie Woodard offers best practices and easily-implemented solutions for digital learning. From classroom culture and student equity to personalized learning and strategic instructional planning, there’s something for us all.

If you’re wanting to make deeper connections with your students or find more meaningful ways to engage them in the classroom, Dr. Carrington’s book Kids These Days is for you! Bringing over 15 years of experience in schools and the mental health field, Dr. Carrington helps educators better understand student perspectives and empowers them to be better leaders and teachers in the community they serve. Kids These Days is an important read for all educators.

I know that teacher burnout is a thing. Educators across our nation – and the world – are feeling the pressure of teaching in a pandemic on top of all the other responsibilities public education brings. These feelings can be so disconcerting and lead to hopelessness. In her book, Hacking Teacher Burnout, Amber Harper helps teachers understand their burnout type, take helpful actions, and prepare for inevitable hardship in the future.

One of my favorite educators, Dr. Nathan D. Lang-Raad, recently co-authored a book with James V. Witty entitled The Boundless Classroom. In an effort to empower teachers in a blended learning environment (you!), this book explores blended learning models, provides templates for creating blended and virtual lessons, and includes strategies for implementing authentic, student-led assessments. It will be released this upcoming February, so add it to your Amazon shopping list now.

While reading reviews of The Boundless Classroom, I have been inspired to rethink my own methods for delivering training and professional development and reimagine my role as an Instructional Technology Coach. I’m sure that you will feel the same inspiration and encouragement, too. Read more about the authors and the book here.

I hope these books will be helpful as you continue to serve your school community well. What are your favorite education reads for 2021? What do you plan to pick up in 2022?

Published by Ellie Talley

Ellie Talley is an instructional leader with over ten years of experience as a teacher, mentor, and instructional coach. She is passionate about holistic growth for teachers and students and lives in Tennessee with her husband and sons.

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